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Dancing Naturalista

Submitted by: Brittney Shaw

Brittney is a 12 1/2 yr old naturalista, who's been dancing for nine years. She has become proficient at tap, jazz, and ballet. In her spare time she likes to listen to music, style her dolls hair, and read. Brittney has been natural from birth, no chemicals have EVER been introduced to her hair. She is the youngest of three. Brittney has always admired Madam C.J. Walker, since reading about her in school. Thus, she is a bright girl with clear goals of owning her own salon and products after graduating home school and completing cosmetology school. She has a very warm heart, lovable and a people person. We often call her 'little mama' because she always checks on everyone to make sure their o.k. and taken care of. She's beautiful inside and out. Brittney often gets many compliments on her natural BIG hair, though, many think that it isn't real. Although, dance is her first love, everything involving hair is a close second if not a tie. Because Brittney has embraced her natural hair, it would be an honor for her grace your magazine to show other natural girls her age, the power in loving ones natural gifts.

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